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  This video by the program manager gives a short and clear overview of the Health for Life – Everyone with Diabetes Counts project and the resources available on the network.

Health for Life Network Overview Transcript

Hello I'm Brenda Ortiz, Program Manager for Health Disparities, focusing on the Everyone with Diabetes Counts Initiative. Diabetes is an escalating problem that contributes to the death of about 230,000 persons per year and has the financial cost of about 245 billion each year. It is common for the disease to result in amputations of legs, blindness, and kidney failure. And the disease affects African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans about twice as often as whites. 

These devastating effects of diabetes can be reduced when people with diabetes learn basic self management skills, such as proper diet, regular exercise, medication management, and self testing. This project conducts classes in diabetes self management education. Our two previous projects resulted in more than 15,000 persons with diabetes, taking self management classes, and increasing their chances for a better life. 

In addition, this project has trained more than 800 persons to be diabetes self management education instructors, thereby giving long term sustainability to this endeavour, which could save tens of thousands of additional lives. 
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