Nursing Home Quality Improvement Overview

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  In this video, Susan Purcell, director of Quality Improvement, discusses the TMF Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organization’s goals for the Nursing Home Quality Improvement project. Duration 02:26

Nursing Home Quality Improvement Overview

Hello. I'm Susan Purcell, Director of Quality Improvement focused on patient safety for TMF Health Quality Institute. One in five nursing home residents suffers harm from their treatment. The US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General found that approximately 22% of Medicare beneficiaries experienced adverse events, which include pressure ulcers, medication errors, falls, and infections while staying in nursing homes. Nearly 60% of those events were deemed preventable. 

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 calls on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to develop a strategy that guides local state and national efforts to improve the quality of care in nursing homes. As a CMS Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organization, or QIN-QIO, we are partnering with CMS to mobilize and integrate tools and resources into a comprehensive and actionable strategy. 

In a collaborative effort with nursing homes and other providers, the TMF QIN-QIO is striving to improve quality and performance of nursing homes with efforts including a focus on enhanced consumer engagement, strengthened survey processes, creation of strategic partnerships, and the advancement of quality through innovation. Key goals of the initiative include decreasing avoidable hospitalizations, increasing mobility of long stay nursing home residents, and reducing inappropriate anti-psychotic drug use, and decreasing infections acquired in the facility. 

Nursing homes that participate in our TMF QIN-QIO initiative will be part of a learning and action network made up of peers, industry experts, and stakeholders focused on sharing best practices and working toward solutions to improving health care. These nursing homes will have the opportunity to take part in two learning collaboratives. They will benefit from direct consultation and coaching by quality improvement experts, a peer mentoring program, and have access to education and training, as well as topic specific tools and resources. Working side by side with providers, the TMF QIN-QIO is dedicated to improving health care and health care outcomes for patients throughout the region. 

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