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Manage Notifications

You can manage forum and digest email notifications at any time. You must be logged in and a member of at least one network in order to update your network notifications. Log in by clicking the Log in link in the upper right-hand corner and entering your username and password. Click on Log in.

You receive emails for the network you've joined and networks you've selected to receive notifications. Notifications help you stay current on discussions in the forums, announcements, emerging content, and events happening in the network of which you are a member. You manage your notifications under Networks. Click the Manage Network Membership button.

All of the networks are listed and the ones of which you are a member are highlighted. Buttons are available for those networks of which you are not a member. You may leave the network at any time by clicking the Leave This Network link and you are immediately taken out of the network.

To join networks, you click the Join This Network button next to the network name and you are immediately placed into the network. To manage your notification preferences and emails you receive from the networks, click the Modify Your Notification Preferences or the Manage Network Notifications button under the Networks tab. By default, you receive forum notifications from the networks that you are a member.

In order to not receive those emails, you can uncheck the Notify Me When A New Forum Thread Is Started and click the Save Forum Preferences button. And you will no longer receive forum notifications. To manage your email digest preferences, choose the networks of which you would like content included in the email digest. And then choose how frequently you would like to receive that email-- daily, weekly, or every two weeks.

Then, choose the format you would like to receive the email in. We recommend HTML because that allows for hyperlinks, bolding, italics, color, and even images within the email format. Plain text will not allow you to click on links within the email. Once you have your preferences chosen, click the Save Digest Preferences. 

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