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  Forum Demonstration

Forum Demonstration

Through our forums, the TMF QIN-QIO facilitates conversation centered around the learning and action networks. As a registered user on this website and a member of any of the networks, the forum is available to you.

Log in using the Log In link in the upper right-hand corner. Enter your username and password and click the Log In link. Use this space to share resources and learn from the experiences of your peers. At any time you can click on any of the networks to participate in those forums. To view topics you've not read, you can click on the Topics I've Not Read button and any of the conversations that you have not opened will be displayed in this grid-like view.

You can also click on the Topics I've Posted to see all of the responses and threads that you have posted to this forum. You can also click on Active Topics and it will show you the most active conversations going on in the forums. At any time, you can also click on the Forums button, and you will be returned to the group of all the networks.

You may also search the forums by clicking on Search Forums and entering a keyword. If I were to enter medication and click search, any thread or response with the keyword medication will be sorted out of the forums and displayed in a grid-like view. Again, clicking on Forums returns you to the default groups of the networks.

To view and post forum messages, first click on a network folder. You click the blue Add New Topic button to start a new conversation within that network. You also can join the conversation already started under Topics by clicking on the link. To respond and participate in that discussion, you can enter a quick reply below the conversation and click Submit, or you can click Add Reply and you are able to draft a response using a robust Word-like editor.

Once you've drafted your response, click the Submit button. Only click the Submit button once. It may take a few minutes for your response to register. Do not click the Submit button more than once, as that will result in duplicate posts.

In order to keep the conversation going and network members engaged, you will automatically receive an e-mail of any new threads started in each of the network forums. You can modify that notification preference at any time. To unsubscribe to this email, uncheck the box next to Notify Me When a New Thread is Started and click on Save Forum Preferences. And then you will no longer receive email notifications from the forums.

If you wish to follow a conversation and receive an email in a specific topic, you can choose by network whether to receive those notifications. Within a behavioral health network, for instance, you can check this button to subscribe to the forums. And unchecking the button, you are not subscribed to the button. So it's a toggle back and forth. It's as simple as that.

You can also choose to follow a specific topic within that discussion or within that forum by opening that conversation and click on the Check This Box to Receive Email Notifications for This Topic. That option is also available at the top where it says Check This Box to Subscribe to This Topic. Choosing either of those locations will put you in that conversation, and you will receive an email any time a response or update is made to that thread. 

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