Nursing Homes: How to Use the TMFQIN Website

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  View this video for step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the website and Nursing Home Quality Improvement Network Learning and Action Network. Duration: 9:03

Nursing Homes: How to Use the TMFQIN Website

Welcome to this video on how to use the TMF Health Quality Institute website for the QIN-QIO network work. The QIN is the Quality Innovation Network. And QIO is Quality Improvement Organization. We are CMS's QIN-QIO.
When you start coming to the website at You may have to join the website. Just click on Create an Account, up here in the right corner. And when you do that, you'll go through three different steps to set up your account.
Just go through those steps. Part of that will be establishing your user name and then you'll establish a password. Once you do that, then you will be able to log in. So I'm going to do that now.
Once you've logged into the website, you will now have access to the tools and resources for the networks that you joined as part of your registration. So if you hover over the word Networks, you get this big drop down menu. And you can see, we have a variety of networks active in our quality improvement work in the CMS QIN-QIO work.
The network we're going to show you today is the Nursing Home Quality Improvement network. When you come to this big drop down menu, these are what I call hotlinks under each one. So you can actually access the QAPI video series, the Quality Measure video series, recorded events, and so on under the Nursing Home Quality Improvement network, right from this main menu. Same thing for the rest of the networks.
I'm going to click on Nursing Home Quality Improvement and that brings us to our landing page for all of our Nursing Home Quality Improvement work. When you get to this page, you are where it's happening.
These blue boxes are full of resources based upon the topic that you see on the blue box. So since we're all about quality improvement, let's click on Resources for QAPI. And you'll notice, it opens up as a new tab on your computer.
So here we are in the QAPI resources. And if you're looking for something to help you with your QAPI program, maybe you need to write your QAPI plan. Here's a guide for you on how to do that. Maybe you need to learn more about adverse events in nursing homes. Or maybe you need to get a fish-bone diagram to help your team in their performance improvement project.
So you've got tools and resources in every one of these blue boxes that's on our network home page. Just click on the box and it'll open up. Just remember, always follow your company policies and procedures.
When you click on these green bars over here-- QAPI video series and Quality Measure video series-- they also will open as a new tab on your computer. So just click on that green button and it'll bring you to the QAPI video series-- Quality Assurance Performance Improvement. I'm going to focus your attention to this column of duration. These longer duration videos are programs that we had speakers talk about how they've done their QAPI work in their facilities. And how they continue to grow their activities for QAPI.
These shorter duration videos are what I like to call just in time training for your staff. So if you're just starting and you want to understand, why should I focus on quality improvement-- here's a brief video in 17 and 1/2 minutes. If your team is getting ready to start root cause analysis, but they don't know how to do that-- watch the video. In 13 minutes, they'll be up to speed.
You might want to watch human factors or creating a just culture. They can help you with your root cause and make sure your root cause analysis is very robust. So all of these brief videos are here for you. And keep in mind, they're here for you 24/7, 365.
If you had clicked on the quality measure video series green button, it would bring you to this page. This page is broken into two parts. First is the quality measure of resources. Each one of these is a link that will help you download the Quality Measure User Manual. Or the RAI manual. Or perhaps, you looking for the claims-based manual. There's all kinds of things here in Resources that can help you.
One of my favorite is CMS's MBS video training. Ever want to know how to complete the MBS accurately? Watch what CMS says you should be doing.
So that's the first half of this site. The second half is actual videos. Again, fairly short duration on all of the quality measures that are on your cast for quality measure report.
If you don't really understand quality measures, watch the introduction to the quality measures. If you don't know much about the composite score report, watch that video. And then here's all the clinic topic measures that you can watch as videos.
So keep in mind when you come to the website, there's tons of tools and resources here for you. Follow your company policy and procedure. But remember on the nursing home landing page, there's even more.
So when you scroll down, you'll see that we have emerging content and new items in the news that we post. As well as you can see featured success stories of how nursing homes are making it happen. Or watch other recorded events. If you need help, you can always contact us at Or you can fax us at 512-334-1787.
You can also can update and manage your email notifications. When we post something new on our website in emerging content, in the news, or the blue boxes-- maybe we post a new video-- we push out an email to let you know that that's happened. If you're not getting very many notifications, you might want to increase that to a more frequent notification.
I mentioned the composite score report earlier. If someone in your facility does not already have a data portal account and there is only one per facility-- you can click on this orange button and it will take you to the page where you can apply for your data portal account. Just scroll down to start completing all sections of this four-page application.
I'm going to point out-- the Medicare provider number is your CMS Certification Number, or CCN. You will find that on your Casper quality measure report. It's usually a six-digit number.
Make sure you complete this accurately, all four pages. And once you complete them and submit it, we will review it and approve your account. And then you will then have access to your TMF composite score report.
The way you access your report is in setting up that account. We will send you an email that will have your specific facility username. You will then establish a password.
Once you log in with that username and password-- not your personal account, but your username and password from the data portal-- you will then see this Data tab. When the Data tab is visible, you'll be able to go to Nursing Homes and download your composite score report.
Going back to the Nursing Home Quality Improvement Network home page, let me just reinforce-- you can always reach out to us at Email us. Fax us at 512-334-1787. And we'll be happy to help you in your quality improvement efforts as your CMS QIN-QIO. Thank you.
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