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Hello, I'm Vanessa Andow, Program Manager for the Readmissions Initiative for TMF Health Quality Institute.

Avoidable readmissions and patient satisfaction with discharge care are growing problems nationwide. One in four hospital stations is avoidable. One in five of all hospitalizations result in a readmission within 30 days of release from the hospital. Preventing avoidable readmissions requires involvement from all provider types in the community. When hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, and other relevant partners and stakeholders work together, a greater level of care can be established.

As a Centers for Medicare Medicaid, Quinn QIO, we work directly with communities to help break down silos that exist among facilities and help create community coalitions. This ensures greater communication, coordination and implementation of solutions. Providers who participate in the TMF Quinn QIO and join the Readmissions Learning and Action Network will benefit from working directly with consultants who are familiar with their geographic area and can help customize solutions to address specific problems in their communities. In addition, providers will also gain access to create data portal accounts to track and monitor their own readmissions data and have access to free resources and educational tools and help better manage admissions, readmissions and discharge planning.

I welcome all providers to join the Readmissions Network and work towards the collective goal of reducing hospital readmission and admission rates by 20% by 2019. 
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