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Heart Health and Nutrition

The TMF QIN-QIO has developed this toolkit to help educate the general public about heart health and associated topics.

12 Healthy Activities for Your Library (PDF)
View this two-page document for quick-and-easy ideas your library can implement to help teach members of your community how to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Plate (PDF)
How can you and members of your community create a more balanced dinner? View this Million Hearts tip sheet to learn 10 steps to making better dietary choices.

AHA Blood Pressure Tracker
The American Heart Association's Check. Change. Control.® Tracker helps you self-monitor and track blood pressure readings at home. It's easy to sign up and be on your way to maintaining a healthy heart.

Supporting Your Patients with High Blood Pressure: Visit Checklist

This checklist walks patient and health care provider through points of discussion for patients with high blood pressure.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

If you've had heart problems or surgery, consider discussing cardiac rehabilitation with your health care provider. This document gives an overview of what you need to know about cardiac rehab.

My Life Check - Life's Simple 7

The American Heart Association presents seven steps you can take to improve your heart health.

Salt & Sodium 10 Tips (PDF)
What are 10 simple steps you and others in your community can follow to help reduce the amount of sodium you consume? View this Million Hearts salt and sodium tip sheet for more information.

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