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Reducing Falls  (16)

Published in the 2014 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, this study found that “Elderly women on long‐term PPI therapy, already at a high risk of falling, doubled their 5‐year risk of a injurious fall or fracture‐related hospitalization, while in a second younger group increased the 9‐month self‐reported falls risk by 57%.” Read the full article here.

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Date Added: 07/27/2018
Date Last Modified: 07/25/2018

This Minimum Data Set (MDS) tip sheet will assist in correctly documenting falls with major injury.

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Date Added: 10/02/2017
Date Last Modified: 09/27/2017

This online training module from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) covers fall prevention and management concepts that can be used in a classroom setting or one-on-one.

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Date Added: 10/11/2016
Date Last Modified: 10/11/2016

View this video to see examples of fall huddles so you can learn to facilitate effective post-fall huddles.

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Date Added: 10/10/2016
Date Last Modified: 10/10/2016

This document supports and guides the nursing home huddle facilitator in the use of the Fall Assessment and Huddle tool.

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Date Added: 10/10/2016
Date Last Modified: 10/10/2016

The goal of this Consensus Statement is to help primary care practitioners achieve adequate vitamin D intake from all sources in their older patients, with the goal of reducing falls and fall-related injuries.

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Date Added: 10/06/2016
Date Last Modified: 10/06/2016

This document from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides suggestions for incorporating Tai Chi principles into your facility's care program. These principles specifically target preventing falls in older people.

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Date Added: 09/12/2016
Date Last Modified: 09/12/2016

These brief videos can help staff and families to learn how to work with a variety of topics, such as bed mobility, assisting ambulation and guiding a forward fall.

Date Added: 08/30/2016
Date Last Modified: 08/30/2016

Use this MDS 3.0 quality measure fact sheet to help report the percentage of long-stay residents who have experienced one or more falls were assessed and captured on one or more of the look-back scan assessments for those residents.

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Date Added: 07/09/2015
Date Last Modified: 07/09/2015

TMF Health Quality Institute, in conjunction with the University of Nebraska, developed this document to help facilities document the incident of a fall and begin the root cause analysis by use of a team huddle.

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Date Added: 02/25/2014
Date Last Modified: 09/30/2014

This article in the Annals of Long Term Care, provides information on conducting falls risk assessments, identifying root causes and implementing strategies to reduce/prevent falls.

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Date Added: 04/21/2014
Date Last Modified: 04/21/2014

Thousands of frail, confused or elderly people have been injured and hundreds killed due to becoming trapped in safety rails installed to keep them from falling out of bed. This article focuses on the dangers of bed rails.

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Date Added: 10/22/2013
Date Last Modified: 10/22/2013

Published in the Journals of Gerentology, this article features a study to determine the effect of an antidepressant prescription change on fall risk.

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Date Added: 01/12/2012
Date Last Modified: 01/22/2013

This article in The New England Journal of Medicine focuses on the relationship between vitamin D supplementation and fracture reduction.

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Date Added: 07/11/2012
Date Last Modified: 01/22/2013

According to a Dec. 11 article from Medical News Today, elderly patients in care homes that participate in “water clubs” are more likely to improve their health than those who don’t. Small groups of residents in a care home met to discuss the benefits of drinking more water and were encouraged to increase their intake of water. Members of the club reported enhanced well-being, fewer falls and better hydration than those who drank water alone.

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Date Added: 12/16/2012
Date Last Modified: 01/22/2013

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