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This free continuing education lecture from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discusses the prevalence of hypoglycemia and how to reduce hypoglycemic events through interventions incorporating patient preferences and health literacy assessments.

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Date Added: 11/15/2017
Date Last Modified: 11/15/2017

Access this document for frequently asked questions about PEPPER, such as where the data comes from, how the data is used and how PEPPER can support efforts to reduce acute care hospital readmissions.

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Date Added: 02/22/2016
Date Last Modified: 02/22/2016

View more information about the Bridge Model and linking hospital-based services with the aging network.

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Date Added: 12/20/2011
Date Last Modified: 06/11/2015

This article provides an overview of depression and how to identify depression in patients.

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Date Added: 01/13/2015
Date Last Modified: 01/13/2015

Watch this video from the Learning and Action Network National Coordinating Center and discover how applying the 5 S's (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), a quality improvement technique, can improve any work space.

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Date Added: 03/03/2014
Date Last Modified: 03/03/2014

This four session webinar series from Home Health Quality Improvement and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement provides home health providers with a framework to improve quality.

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Date Added: 07/25/2013
Date Last Modified: 07/25/2013

This series of three videos, "Heart Talk: Living with Heart Failure," was developed to guide health care providers, patients and caregivers about managing heart failure.

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Date Added: 04/09/2013
Date Last Modified: 04/09/2013

It’s not easy to talk about the end of life. Because of this, many put off tough conversations and important decisions about end-of-life health care until too late. To this end, Providence Hospice in Waco, Texas launched a free program to alleviate fear and anxiety for people nearing the end of life and connect them with the resources they need. The program, called Pathways, provides education and planning that may not be easily accessible in a medical setting. Read more about this program in the latest Readmissions Network Featured Provider story.

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Date Added: 03/03/2013
Date Last Modified: 03/03/2013

Patients admitted to Laredo Specialty Hospital all have one thing in common — a personalized care plan that’s quickly established by a multidisciplinary team of health care providers. The plan is a roadmap to achieve each patient’s unique needs and goals from admission through discharge. Learn more about how educating patients and families pays off for Laredo Specialty Hospital.

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Date Added: 02/10/2013
Date Last Modified: 02/10/2013


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